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Home Share Managers is owned by DRW Realty, a Boston Real Estate Agency and operated by owners Tom Wrinn and Sean Reichert. With eight years of short term rental experience, we now use our expertise to help our clients increase their rental income and decrease their work load and responsibilities.


Our Story

Sean Reichert is a Lawyer licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and is a licensed Real Estate Broker and REALTOR in Massachusetts.

Tom is a licensed Real Estate Agent and REALTOR in Massachusetts and started managing short term rentals more than ten years ago before many of the popular short term rental websites became popular. Tom realized that he could make more money from short term rentals than from traditional monthly rentals and the trend has only continued to grow in popularity since.

Meet the Team

We strive to offer the best customer service and experience possible. We want to make sure that our clients and potential clients know the faces behind the names.

Tom Wrinn Home Share Managers

Tom Wrinn



Sean Reichert


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