Airbnb To Require San Francisco Hosts Register With The City

Airbnb recently announced they will be requiring hosts in the city of San Francisco to prove that they have registered their listing with the city. This is following a lawsuit filed by the city of San Francisco against Airbnb which resulted in a settlement between the two parties.

San Francisco cartoonAirbnb, HomeAway, and nine other short term rental companies were all warned by the city that they must require their hosts to register with the city as well as provide monthly affidavits to show they are complying. All eleven companies were given 45 days to comply with the law or face steep fines and possibly even criminal sanctions.


If you are an Airbnb host in San Fran, you have a limited amount of time to make sure you are registered with the city or risk having your listing deactivated.

San Fransico seems very serious about getting a handle on short term rentals. We’ve seen many cities around the U.S. try and figure a way to govern short term rentals, we shall see if this type of response gains popularity among other cities.

It is recommended that you register your listing(s) with the town/city where applicable as more and more municipalities are setting up registration policies if they hadn’t already had a system in place.

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