SEO and Airbnb

It used to be that when we thought of SEO or search engine optimization, we thought about Google or other search engines. Not anymore. SEO has become a major part of the Airbnb platform and if done right, can create a major increase in bookings for your Airbnb.

We have been experimenting with SEO on Airbnb for years now and have put together some of the techniques that work.

What is Airbnb SEO?

Airbnb SEO is the process of increasing your Airbnb listing’s rankings in the search results on Airbnb. The are a number of factors that Airbnb’s algorithm looks at when ranking each listing.

SEO Techniques

Below are some of the more important techniques that can have a big impact on the number of bookings your Airbnb listing has:

Airbnb SEO techniques

Update Your Calendar – This is a simple but often an overlooked SEO technique that anyone can do. Update your calendar everyday. Do it multiple times per day if possible. Even if you are just making slight changes. Airbnb loves to see hosts that stay on top of their calendar and their algorithm will reward you for it.

Listing Details – Make sure you go through your listing details and fill out as much as possible. This includes amenities. A full and complete listing will help ensure higher rankings on Airbnb.

Response Rate – This one can be more difficult as you have to stay on top of incoming reservation requests and inquiries. Make sure you respond to EVERY inquiry or reservation request that comes in and do it as quickly as possible. You have 24 hours to respond. By respond, I don’t just mean message the inquiring guest back, you will need to either pre-approve, accept, or decline the reservation within 24 hours. Stay on top of this and you will see your listing doing well in the rankings.

Reviews – You want to have a lot of reviews and you want good reviews. A great way to help ensure your guests are writing reviews is to make sure you are completing reviews for your guests and to simply ask your guests to write a review.

There are a number of factors that go into an Airbnb listing’s rankings and these are just a few although they are important factors.

SEO is a service that we include for all of our clients. At the end of the day, the more money our clients make, the more money we make.

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