Airbnb is Testing an App That Suggests Local Restaurants & Events

Airbnb has recently announced that the company is testing a new app created by Airbnb called Airbnb Trips.

The new app will suggest local restaurants and events for guests that are staying at/with Airbnb hosts around the world.

This essentially promotes Airbnb’s main focus which is to create a customer experience like no other.

It allows guests to have a real “locals” type of experience when traveling as apposed to a more touristy experience.

There is more to Airbnb Trips then improving the guest experience. This allows Airbnb to diversify its business/income model.

There are many new opportunities to generate income from things other than rentals.

Airbnb Trips is available in your app store, however, it is still in beta testing. So don’t expect everything to be smooth sailing.

Personally, I’d wait until the kinks are worked out then give it a go.

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