Delta to Partner with Airbnb!

Delta Airlines has just announced a partnership with Airbnb that will allow Delta customers to earn SkyMiles from their Airbnb travels.

The move is a step towards integrating all aspects of a customer’s travels towards one rewards program. Something that airlines and hotels have been doing for a long time. It only makes sense that airlines would include home sharing companies¬†into their programs.

Delta plane flyingDelta customers can now earn SkyMiles when they book through their customer platform on Delta’s website. For customers with SkyMiles that have never used Airbnb, they can earn $25 towards their first stay on Airbnb as well as up to 1,000 SkyMiles points.

Customers that are already a part of the Airbnb community will start earning the standard one point for every one dollar they spend on their Airbnb stays.

This is a mutually beneficial¬†move for both companies as it introduces Airbnb to Delta customers with SkyMiles and creates an easy way as well as incentives to try Airbnb out. I wouldn’t be surprised if more corporate customers switch to Airbnb as a result.

The move is beneficial to Delta as well as it provides incentives to Airbnb customers (many of whom are flying to their Airbnb destinations) to fly on Delta as they can collect SkyMiles through their booking.

This is a step in the right direction for the home sharing industry. Expect to see many more companies jumping in and partnering with different home sharing around the world.

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