We understand, you have questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our short-term rental management service.

What is the average increase in revenue compared to monthly rentals?

This can vary from place to place. What we can do is put together a proposal that includes income estimates for your exact area. Just give us a call or send us an email and we can put that together for you.

What geographic area do you cover?

Right now, we are based in the Greater Boston area and cover Central Massachusetts to Southern New Hampshire to Cape Cod to Rhode Island. We are working to expand our business to other regions. So let us know if you are interested in our service no matter where you are located.

What are my responsibilities?

We will do almost everything. You are responsible for any utilities, bills, mortgage, etc. Basically anything to do with owning the property. We will handle marketing the unit/property, booking the property, guest management (Checking in/out and any needs they may have during their stay), and cleaning the unit/change over.

Who furnishes my unit?

It is true that every unit/property must be furnished when it comes to short-term rentals. This is something that we can help plan, however, the expense is payed for by the owner of the unit/property. The furnishings they provide or purchase are their property.

How do the towels and linens get washed between guests?

We provide linen pick up and drop off services. In other words, we got it covered. Though we do have a couple of ways to take care this, the most popular is to have the dirty linens picked up after a guest leaves and the clean linens dropped off. The cleaning crew can then make the beds with the clean linens while the dirty linens are being washed.

I don't have multiple sets of linens and towels for each Airbnb turnover, what are my options?

We provide a linen and towel rental service for those Airbnb hosts who don't wish to purchase multiple sets of linens. Hosts also don't have to worry about damages are wear and tear of the linens and towels. They just pay one set fee.